The choice of three restaurant

Image description

Large restaurant

A restaurant with a full-featured dining hall and home delivery service

More than 100 seats, with an option of accommodating a playground for children or a spirits bar

The area of at least 170 m²

Monthly turnover of
5 000 000 rubles

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Mid-sized restaurant

A dining hall with 20 to 100 seats and home delivery service

The area of 130-170 m²

Monthly turnover of
4 000 000 rubles

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Small restaurant

A restaurant that offers only delivery and takeaway, without a dining room or seats

The area of 80 to 130 m²

Monthly turnover of
3 000 000 rubles

Premises requirement

  • The area from 80 to 250 m²;
  • First line of buildings on the street;
  • Ground floor;
  • Good visibility;
  • High pedestrian traffic flow;
  • Minimum ceilings of at least 3m;
  • At least 60kW of electric power;
  • Heating, sewerage and water supply in working condition;
  • Parking space (preferably);
  • Long-term lease agreement.

3D-tour across the restaurant

Here's an inside look at the typical restaurant